Cabo de Gata resources strained to the limit over Easter, will it cope in summer?

Cabo de Gata nature park looks set to receive its highest number of visitors ever this summer, but there are concerns that the infrastructure won’t be able to cope after a busy Easter left cutbacks more evident than ever.

Local associations and residents have complained about the lack of cleaning teams after a hot Easter week encouraged many tourists to the beaches.

Urban beaches in the park are the responsibility of the local council, but the virgin park beaches are controlled by the regional government.

Fly tipping everywhere

Another issue recently denounced by the Friends of the Park is that of illegal fly tipping. Several such sites which appeared over the winter have been identified but so far the local council has failed to take action.

But by far the most serious complaints have been that of unauthorised activities such as rock climbing, motorcross races or kite surfing that take place in protected zones.

Kite surfers were out in force last week, despite the activity being banned to protect nesting birds who are out fishing for their chicks at this time of the year.

And the protected Arrecide del Dedo outcrop was climbed several times over the last week, despite it being a protected and fragile volcanic finger.

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