Garrucha brother arrested for sabotaging his own guild

Here’s a good one from the Holy Week festivities – a 33 year old man from Garrucha has been arrested after sabotaging his own brotherhood.

Coppers say the man caused more than €4,000 worth of damage after he started a campaign of intimidation and harassment against fellow guild members.

It is understood the motive behind the attacks was personal jealousy after he felt sidelined during planning for the Easter processions, the highlight of the brotherhood’s year.

Police started an investigation in January after receiving complaints about car tires being slashed, and paint being thrown at doors or vehicles. They quickly realised that all the victims belonged to the same cofradía, or Holy Week brotherhood.

The attacks escalated, and the guild headquarters were also attacked, with silicone being poured into the locks and other acts of petty vandalism being carried out.

Police interviewed dozens of witnesses, building a picture of the aggressor before finally locating their man. He was interviewed under caution last February 18 and confessed to having carried out the attacks.

The case has now been sent to the magistrates court at Vera, and the aggressor was not invited to take part in the processions.

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