Mesa Roldán in Carboneras is falling down

The watchtower of Mesa Roldán in Carboneras is “neglected and in danger of collapse” according to a complaint filed by the friends of the Cabo de Gata last week.

The association accuses the local council and the regional government of wasting the tourism possibilities of the tower, which was built in 1766 to guard the coast.As an interesting side-note, the tower was built to the wrong specifications and when the local militia dragged some massive coastal batteries out to the tower, they discovered they couldn’t get them on top of the walls. So they had to put the guns outside, which rather made the tower moot. Not that it was ever attacked.


Although the building has been declared an asset of cultural interest (BIC), no attempt has been made in recent years to open it to the public, or to carry out basic repairs to the stone edifice.

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