Garrucha roundabout to be built


The dangerous La Simona crossroads leading into Garrucha port from the by-pass is to become a roundabout.

The idea was first mooted eight years ago but no agreement has ever been reached. Mainly because the powerful quarries and lorry guild scupper any attempt to improve road safety, as it would cost them more in fuel as they drive up and down that road exporting the province.

Now the city council has agreed to proceed with the plans and orders have been given to the town architect to draw up the plans. Mayor Maria López says she expect plans and permits to be ready by the end of the year, with construction starting in early 2017.

With the new port entrance opening, it should be simple enough to build a filter road off the main crossroads to feed lorries – which will be 99% of all the traffic there – into the tunnel.

The current crossroad sees heavy traffic by lorries taking gypsum to the port for export and is a notable local black spot for accidents.

Los Gallardos has now jumped on the bandwagon and demanded that the provincial council do the same thing at the LG crossroads, which is in exactly the same circumstances at the Garrucha one.

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