Pulpí ponce sentence was laughable

Save the Children España has demanded that Spain ask for the extradition of a paediatrician who fled Pulpi medical centre last year after parents realised he was a paedophile.

After being exposed, the doctor escaped arrest and returned to his native Columbia, where he was arrested on an outstanding charge. He has now been sentenced to 38 months house arrest for his crimes. Victim’s families have said the sentence is “laughable”.

The Spanish public prosecutor has asked for a total jail sentence of 38 years for Dr. Carlos Alexander Rodríguez. However, the extradition process was suspended until the Colombian judges ruled on the case and must now be started again.

Carlos is accused of sexually abusing and raping at least ten young boys in Pulpi and Barcelona during the six years he was the official children’s doctor at the medical centre. He has a Colombian police record for previous offences but the Andalusian health service does not ask foreign doctors for their criminal records.

Cristina Plaza of the Colombian family welfare institute said the case was an “embarrassment” and that he should be deported to face justice.

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