Paedophile teacher gets two years

A teacher who sexually abused an eight year old girl in his care has been jailed for two years after the Supreme Court of Andalucía refused his appeal.

The case dates back to the 2003-2004 school year, when the teacher used his position to befriend the girl and her parents. He is understood to have offered to give her free classes at his home to help her with her course-work, and over the course of the year increased his control over the child until she became completely in his control.

The child slept over at his home on at least five occasions, during which he would abuse her.

Due to the age of the girl at the time of the attack her identity and school cannot be revealed, although the school is in the west of the province.

The case came to light as girl turned sixteen and started to suffer depression. She admitted the abuse to her parents, who complained to the Guardia Civil.

A psychological evaluation gave credence to her account. It is not known if the man abused any other children in his care.

Since the beginning of this school year, all teachers across Spain have been required to pass a criminal record check to ensure they have no open cases of gender violence or sexual aggression.

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  1. Maybe there is a problem no one knows about, but your lack of up to date news for many weeks is enough to turn off your, now rather static, blog. Very sorry if I’m commenting through a lack of up to date info but i do like to hear about Mojacar and the surrounding area.

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