Fish in a greenhouse

A company based in Los Guiraos (Cuevas) has become the first in Andalucia to commercially produce fish in greenhouses. Freshwater Red Tilapia are being bred in the reservoirs and water systems that supply the 150 farmers who makeup the cooperative behind the scheme. The scheme is expected to produce 100 tons of fish annually, and a local chain of supermarkets is preparing to sell them. The fish require warm, clean and fresh water which is Continue reading Fish in a greenhouse

Balerma desalination plant

The new desalination plant in Balerma has started producing clean drinking water. It is capable of producing 30 billion litres of water a year, sufficient for 300.000 people within its catchment area, as well as 8000 hectares of farmland. Vicar, El Ejido and Roquetas del Mar will all start to receive the new water this week. However, it can only run at 30% of its full capacity as a new electricty substation has yet to Continue reading Balerma desalination plant

Early start to olive harvesting

A hotter than normal summer has caused the olives trees across the province to ripen early, forcing local farmers and families to start the harvest sooner than expected. However, the drought means that the average yield per tree is expected to drop this year. Around 1.500 people are employed during the olive harvest, mainly by larger companies that produce olive oil for the domestic and international harvest. But just as important are the small family Continue reading Early start to olive harvesting

Canjayar gay hotel “will open” promises owners

The projected gay hotel in Canjayar will open, says project director Francisco Alonso. The company behind the projected was forced to return a 300,000 euro grant from tourism authorities as it could not meet the project deadline, but expects another grant to be awarded next year. Snr Alonso said that he expects the 2016 grant “to be for a similar amount” and that the rest of the financing is now in place. The projected hotel Continue reading Canjayar gay hotel “will open” promises owners