Algarrobico demolition assured, says government, and will cost 7 million euros

The President of the Andalucian Supreme Court today said that the demolition of the El Algarrobico hotel is assured and just waiting for a political decision.

Supreme Judge Lorenzo del Río was asked about yesterday’s decision by his superiors in Madrid, and said that judicially there are no obstacles. “It is 100% a political decision when to send in the bulldozers” he said.

And President Susana Diaz of Andalucia said that “Justice has finally been done”, whilst adding that the “competent authorities” continue to study the “various plans etc that we have prepared”.

The annoucement came along with a statement from the central Environmental Ministry saying it would work with Andalucia to demolish the hotel and restore the region to its former beauty. Spanish Vice-President Sáenz de Santamaría said that she expects Andalucia to press ahead with the demolition plan ASAP. The matter is entirely a Junta de Andalucia decision.

The estimated cost of this project is 7,17 million euros.

A political decision is expected next week.

2 Replies to “Algarrobico demolition assured, says government, and will cost 7 million euros”

  1. 7.7 million to take it down
    Turn it into a hospital and it would not cost 7.7 million to fit it out
    Regards John

  2. That’s it… and almost complete..”.as if that took a week and no one knew it was illegal” and now knock down what could be a fantastic health care facility with accommodation for the young sick, elderly and infirm.
    So…let’s all look forward to another pile of shite the Spanish do so well.

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