5 arrests a day on corruption charges last year

An average of 5 people every single day were arrested last year on corruption charges.

A whopping 7.140 were nicked during the last term of government for doing things they shouldn’t whilst in power. And the very way that fact was released today, with the current political situation in Spain, sort of shows that the mindset hasn’t changed.

2.442 of these were taken down to the nick last year alone.

As for organised crime, 69.000 have been investigated over the last four years of which 25.000 were arrested.

And 1.108 people were arrested last year on terrorism charges.

There is no specific charge of “corruption” in Spain, but rather a whole raft of different specific crimes which are grouped under the common heading (for PR purposes, I presume). If you’re interested in the specifics charges:

16.3% against the Social Security, 12.5% bribery, 2.6% peddling influence, 8.1% tax corruption (whatever that means), 9.8% abuse of power whilst in office (the Mayor of Albox just added to that figure!), and 4.6% misuse of a company.

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