High winds cancel carnivals

Carnivals across the Levante were cancelled this afternoon due to the high winds. Pulpí, Garrucha and others all posted urgent messages on social media urging people not to go to the appointed marches as nothing was going to happen. The area continues under orange alert for high winds until midnight tonight. Nice but colder tomorrow. Oh, and the flag pole carrying the Vera flag on the roundabout outside the Galasa offices just went for a Continue reading High winds cancel carnivals

Panic after Partaloa estate agent vanishes

Panic is spreading amongst prospective purchasers of homes in the Partaloa and Cantoria area after a real estate agent is understood to have vanished with their deposits. Purchasers have been filling local forums with urgent questions after Annika van der Pluijm, a 37 year old Dutch national who ran Inmobiliaria Partaloa SL, stopped answering her phones. Her website has been disconnected and says only that “the business is under investigation by the Guardia Civil”. Local Continue reading Panic after Partaloa estate agent vanishes