Nephew kills uncle with gun in Albox street

A man has shot dead his uncle near the Albox music school. It happened at 13:20 today, and witnesses say both men were armed. A shootout between the two men ocurred in Ramón y Cajal street which left one man dead on the floor. The Local Police were the first to arrive on the scene but were unable to save the life of the dead man. The nephew was arrested shortly afterwards.

Listen & Lunch

I’ve been invited to Restaurante Albar next Thursday to give a talk on Andalusia. I’ll be talking on how Andalusia formed, its history through the ages and eventually how it morphed into the modern day region of Spain we all know and (hopefully) love. Tickets cost €15, include a glass of Cava to keep you busy during the boring parts of the talk and a post-talk three course lunch. Tel: + 34 950 069 077 Mobile: + Continue reading Listen & Lunch

Algarrobico demolition assured, says government, and will cost 7 million euros

The President of the Andalucian Supreme Court today said that the demolition of the El Algarrobico hotel is assured and just waiting for a political decision. Supreme Judge Lorenzo del Río was asked about yesterday’s decision by his superiors in Madrid, and said that judicially there are no obstacles. “It is 100% a political decision when to send in the bulldozers” he said. And President Susana Diaz of Andalucia said that “Justice has finally been Continue reading Algarrobico demolition assured, says government, and will cost 7 million euros

5 arrests a day on corruption charges last year

An average of 5 people every single day were arrested last year on corruption charges. A whopping 7.140 were nicked during the last term of government for doing things they shouldn’t whilst in power. And the very way that fact was released today, with the current political situation in Spain, sort of shows that the mindset hasn’t changed. 2.442 of these were taken down to the nick last year alone. As for organised crime, 69.000 Continue reading 5 arrests a day on corruption charges last year

Algarrobico land “isn’t urbanisable” rules Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Spain has released two key judgements on the annoying El Algarrobico hotel today. They ruled that: It’s built on protected land And the land belongs to the Junta de Andalucía The ruling comes to clarify earlier contradictory Andalusian Supreme Court (TSJA) rulings that contradicted one another. The land issue comes because the the land it’s built upon was supposedly turned into nature park after permits to build were issued but before Continue reading Algarrobico land “isn’t urbanisable” rules Supreme Court

Mojacar shooter arrested, victim stable

A 32 year old Frenchman who shot a 68 year old Icelandic woman in Mojácar last night has been arrested. The woman was sitting in a chiringuito on Mojácar Playa when the Frenchman let off the weapon in a local he owned next door. The bullet went straight through the wall and hit the woman in the chest. It is not known why R.H.J.A., who owns an “entertainment business” in Mojácar according to police, let Continue reading Mojacar shooter arrested, victim stable

High winds cancel carnivals

Carnivals across the Levante were cancelled this afternoon due to the high winds. Pulpí, Garrucha and others all posted urgent messages on social media urging people not to go to the appointed marches as nothing was going to happen. The area continues under orange alert for high winds until midnight tonight. Nice but colder tomorrow. Oh, and the flag pole carrying the Vera flag on the roundabout outside the Galasa offices just went for a Continue reading High winds cancel carnivals

Panic after Partaloa estate agent vanishes

Panic is spreading amongst prospective purchasers of homes in the Partaloa and Cantoria area after a real estate agent is understood to have vanished with their deposits. Purchasers have been filling local forums with urgent questions after Annika van der Pluijm, a 37 year old Dutch national who ran Inmobiliaria Partaloa SL, stopped answering her phones. Her website has been disconnected and says only that “the business is under investigation by the Guardia Civil”. Local Continue reading Panic after Partaloa estate agent vanishes

Turre in land grab move

There is a fascinating article in this week’s Costa Almería News in which Mayor Martin of Turre explains how he’s going to bring the mountain urbanisations of Cabera and Cortijo Grande under council control. It seems there is a plan afoot for the council to take over the running of the Juntas of both urbanisations, and then finish off urbanisation proceedings there. Mayor Martin talks of a 3,3 million euro investment project that will have Continue reading Turre in land grab move

Real estate magnate arrested for forging immigrant documents

Police swooped on a gang allegedly offering immigrants false paperwork and addresses to support their requests to have their families admitted to Spain. The alleged ring master of the network is reportedly a well known real estate magnate nicknamed ‘La Lechera’, who has previously been investigated over claims she runs a number of brothels. A total of 24 people were arrested including her two sons and her lawyer. Immigration police became suspicious over a large Continue reading Real estate magnate arrested for forging immigrant documents