The trouble with being a nurse

There’s a lot of moaning going on in the UK press about junior doctors at the moment, but here’s a fun piece about this years job positions in the regional health service.

A total of 9,881 people in Almería have applied to sit entrance exams for this years job positions in the regional health service SAS.

Across the entire region of Andalusia, the regional government has posted a total of 3,282 job positions, of which just 1,253 positions will be offered to new applicants. The other 760 jobs are reserved for internal promotions within the health service.

I don’t know how many applicants there are across the whole of Andalusia – but you don’t have a lot of chance to get in, do you?

The exams are being held at the University of Almería and due to the large number of applicants, the entrance exams are having to be staggered.

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