19 arrested in Almería for forcing abortions for the insurance money

A major police operation last night and today have resulted in 19 people being arrested in Almeria city for running an insurance scam in which women became pregnant, aborted, and then claiming they had miscarried due to traffic accidents, for the insurance money.

12 of the people arrested are women.

Charges levied appear to be defrauding insurance companies, illegal abortion and belonging to a criminal gang.

Women involved in the scam would fall pregnant. Once pregnant and with medical paperwork, they would involve themselves in minor traffic accidents. At the same time they would take abortion pills to force a miscarriage.

The women would then receive all medical attention paid for by the car insurers, and would claim large amounts of compensation for the “miscarriage”.

Although the bulk of the investigation is under secreto de sumario and can’t be commented upon, the Guardia Civil say the gang is formed of Spaniards, Romanians and Asian people.

It is understood that some public doctors may be under investigation for advising on the scam and obtaining the abortion pills.

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