Somos Mojacar issues allegations against Mojácar nuisance bylaws

Somos Mojácar writes to tell me that:

As you may already know, Somos Mojacar has presented strong opposition and more recently, allegations against the recently announced by-laws relating to public behaviour in the town.

We feel that the implementation of these new laws will have a negative effect on the future of Mojacar´s tourism industry.

Certain points in the by-law blatantly infringe human rights and rights of liberty and choice as detailed in the Spanish constitution.

The new law will restrict the wearing of swimwear off the beach and will ban visitors from dressing in costumes and novelty accessories.  While we understand that Mojacar is a family oriented resort, the market of ´celebration-orientated´ tourism is very lucrative and should be respected.

We also question how the `policing´ of the law will be implemented.  The articles in the by-law are very much a matter of personal interpretation and should not be at the judgement of the town council or local police.

We recognise that Mojacar is a unique resort and should not be compared to other tourist town such as Benidorm or Magalluf, both of which attract a high number of hen and stag parties, but to place a blanket ban on ´fun´ and enjoyment´ combined with restriction on freedom of choice, can only be another nail in the coffin of Mojacar´s tourism industry.

Other items within the law include prohibiting street-vendors and the act of solicitation of money.  We must remind the town council that Mojacar grew from a culture of `alternative entrepreneurship´ and that to single out these individuals can only plunge yet more people into economic instability.

The resulting decline in the tourism industry will inevitably have a negative effect on the town as a whole, including property prices and local infrastructure such as businesses, transport and other crucial services.

We lament the fact that the by-laws were introduced without prior discussion with opposition political parties, business associations or indeed members of the public.  To put forward laws which can only contribute to the ruination of Mojacar´s tourism industry and economy is quite simply irresponsible and short sighted.

Last of all next Thursday January the 28th there will be an ordinary plenary meeting where we can put forth questions and requests, and as always we invite you to forward by email any issues you would like us to raise in that meeting.

Best wishes,

Jessica Simpson


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  1. Similar situation in Vera where the Council passed new by-laws on 25 November threatening significant fines for citizens who did not follow a long list of new mandatory rules (ie: household rubbish can only be deposited in street dumpsters during certain hours). On 7 January, the Vera Citizens’ Observatory pointed out that the new laws represent “a control model of citizenship with dubious legal status” that “may violate fundamental rights such as assembly, demonstration and freedom of expression.” It requested Vera Council to withdraw the new laws and instead involve citizens in a consultation exercise instead. To date, silence from Vera Council on this issue. More info here:

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