Mojácar police officer arrested

A local police officer in the Mojacar force is understood to have been arrested by the guardia civil for theft after he was accused of using a found credit card to withdraw 300 euros in cash. The officer grew up in the village, according to a well placed source.

The event happened in late August. The alleged victim, another local young man, was stopped at a routine police checkpoint manned by guardia civil and local police officials in front of the petrol station.

Whilst identifying himself he believes he dropped his wallet, containing his credit card and a slip of paper with his PIN number to use it, as well as a small amount of cash. He did not miss his wallet at the time, but this was the last time he used it.

When the man checked his bank balance two days later he was surprised to see his missing card had been used at an ATM in Garrucha to withdraw the daily maximum in cash. The man filed a denuncia with the guardia civil.

When officers checked the CCTV from the bank, they instantly recognised the local police officer. He was not dressed in uniform but his face was well known to his colleagues. He was later arrested and taken to the Garrucha station.

According to the same source, at the station an attempt at negotiation was made, and the officer is alleged to have offered to refund the missing money plus a sizeable compensation for the victim to drop the matter, but the young man insisted upon pressing charges.

It is understood that the police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending a resolution of the matter. No official statement on the matter has been forthcoming from Mojacar council.

Since the matter is for less than 400 euros with no violence and was allegedly committed off duty, the matter is unlikely to be considered to be a penal matter. For a civilian, a guilty verdict would likely result in an administrative fine. Such verdicts are not usually grounds for any disciplinary actions to be taken by the employer, who in this case is Mojacar council.

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