Junta denies robberies at historic sites

The Junta de Andalucia has denied that El Argar, a bronze age village outside Antas from an ancient civilisation, is being “routinely despoiled” by treasure hunters. Furthermore, the lack of full protection and cultural activities at the areas is the fault of the local authorities, according to a statement from the minister for culture.

MP Carmen Crespo (PP) made the accusation recently during a debate on historic protection in the regional parliament.

Minister Alfredo Valdivia (PSOE) released a strongly worded statement denying Snra Crespo’s allegations. He said “Since the 1987 discovery of the site in question we have protected it fully under the law [..] and since 2007 we have been waiting for local authorities to respond to a request from the Almeria University to build an interpretation centre at the site”.

He added that “most of the site is still on private property, albeit protected, and is underground, not accessible to members of the public”.

The Argar civilisation was a bronze age civilisation that flourished in this area 5.000 years ago, unlike any other in this part of Europe.

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