Drugs found in military vehicle

Two hundred kilos of hashish have been discovered inside a military vehicle leaving Africa to return to its base in Viator, Almeria. The lorry belonged to the Duque de Alba II brigade of the Legion which is based outside the capital city.

It was part of a convoy of engineers returning after exercises in the Spanish African enclave city of Ceuta.

Authorities were alerted after the driver of the lorry spotted some suspicious parcels on board which he did not remember loading and informed his superior officer, according to local media.

It is not known how or when the drugs were loaded on board. The convoy had passed customs at Ceuta with no incidents. Such military convoys are subjected to a joint military and guardia civil inspection at the port, rather than civilian customs.

The brigade has now left Africa and returned to its base in Almeria on board the army ship “Martin Posadillo”. Military police and the guardia civil have launched a joint operation to clarify who put the drugs in the vehicle.

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