3 Kings are for Mojaqueros only, sorry

The 3 Kings parade in Mojácar was an interesting affair, I’m told one of the floats ran out of fuel half way round and there was a “slight delay” whilst someone ran down to get some more. (Later note: This was a mis-communication. It actually happened in Turre! Mojácar’s went off without this hitch.)

However, I’m more interested in the invitation to come and watch them issued by the tourist board on their Turismo de Mojácar facebook page:

Los Tres Reyes están llegando a Mojácar.
A las 17 h. Salida desde la Plaza Nueva hasta el Centro de Usos Múltiples dónde harán entrega de regalos a los niños empadronados.

They rather badly translated this (note the change from future to present mode, thus rather changing the impact) as

The Three Kings arrive in Mojácar. Starting from the Plaza Nueva and proceeding to the Centro Usos Múltiples at 5 PM. Will deliver gifts to all the children of the municipality.

But if you read the original Spanish, you’ll notice that only niños empadronados get a present.

I could be witty and ask: what about the niñas? Gender respect, the need to advertise in a non-sexist language and all that – hey, such a perfect grammar is even on the stated objectives of the local school’s dibujo curriculum. Wouldn’t have thought dibujo has much language, sexist or not, but it’s not for me to judge.

But no, I shall simply ask: how come it’s only for kids on the padrón, and how the hell did they enforce this? Were the locales checking the paperwork of the three year olds as they queued for their official present, no doubt stamped with the Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Mojácar logo? Was there a little man with a moustache, bad combover and a clipboard checking names? And if your padrón copy is more than three months old, were your children summarily evicted from the queue?

Such a lovely front the local tourism board is presenting to the world.

The mind boggles. Welcome to Mojácar, where the sun spends its winter (but doesn’t do autographs, and no photos please). And most definitely no dominoes after 9pm.

PS – the photo is of the Three Kings in Garrucha, I didn’t have one of Mojácar’s. Oh, and it’s from a couple of years ago. The style is much the same.

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