Almeria airport schedules for 2016

Nothing exciting in the way of new flights for Almeria duringh 2016, unless you like flying to London (16 flights a week during summer) or Brussels (10 flights a week during summer).

Thompson is launching a new charter flight this summer between London and Almeria – it’s the same one they announced last year but never got around to doing.

Thomas Cook will be operating additional flights during the summer as well.

Monarch will be reopening it’s cancelled route this year – three flights a week between London Gatwick and Almeria between May and October. They will also be flying to Manchester.

If all the planned routes go ahead, there will be up to 16 flights  a week between Almeria and London during the summer, followed by 10 flights a week to Brussels.

Easyjet, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson will all fly to Gatwick, with Ryanair and Thomas Cook flying from Stansted.

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  1. Jet2 is considering flights/package tours to Almeria from Edinburgh and Manchester in 2017, according to La Voz de Almeria. Its six flights per week in-season would add 22,000 passengers per year to Almeria airport. In 2015, passenger numbers at Almeria airport were reportedly down 50% from 2007. Oh dear.

  2. The provincial council seems to issue the same press release every year saying that Jet2 is “considering” it. It’s becoming an annual tradition.

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