Lorca clears the way for charity bingo within city limits

Lorca council has established a framework within which charity bingo can legally be played within city limits.

An OAP club was recently visited by police and inspectors after it organised a weekly fun bingo. The Mayor was somewhat outraged and Stepped In.

He’s now negotiated a framework with the Murcian tax office clarifying the rules. In short, your club can now organise a weekly not-for-profit bingo, in which all winnings are returned to the players, the main purpose of play being recreational and as long as it’s once a week and no longer than two hours. It also has to be a regular activity, and communicated to the council in advance.

If you clear all these hurdles you can go ahead and organise your weekly bingo session with no fear of the rozzers.

It’s a bit of a landmark ruling in my understanding, as most regions come down on bingo playing like a ton of bricks.

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