Spanish press applaud Nigel Goldman arrest

The conviction of fraudster Nigel Goldman by a UK jury this month has caused Spanish papers to analyse the ongoing Spanish investigation. The influential ‘El Confidencial’ e-paper, in a damming editorial, was shocked by the lack of process in Spain. The paper thundered: “A poker card shark accused of fraud who operated along the Costa del Sol is sentenced in the UK just eight months after committing fraud [there]. In two years, the Spanish courts Continue reading Spanish press applaud Nigel Goldman arrest

People smuggler arrested

The National Police have identified and arrested a people smuggler who was trying to traffic nine people to Spain in his boat. Each of the passengers, all from Algeria, are believed to have paid the man €1,500 apiece. The investigation started after the coastguard rescued the Algerians from the boat some nine nautical miles off the coast of the Cabo de Gata. Officers interviewed the men and quickly identified the alleged captain of the boat. Continue reading People smuggler arrested