Incest couple see baby taken into care

A Mallorcan couple formed by a father and daughter, who have had a baby, have had it taken into care.

Not because of the incest – that’s legal in Spain – but because social services had concerns about the “welfare” of the infant, after the man’s ex-wife denounced him for sexual abuse.

The man (36) says he is in a “unique and loving relationship” with his daughter (17). “My ex-wife is jealous and cannot understand the relationship. She is trying to destroy it” he told reporters.

A Judge has ruled on behalf of social services, saying that whilst not illegal it’s certainly “immoral”.

Mother (the daughter) and the baby

The man has been investigated before by social services after teachers denounced him because his children (he has five) kept coming to school “in poor conditions” – missing clothes, hungry or dirty.

The man blamed his ex-wife, saying he was working all hours and not responsible for sending his children to school.

The couple have decided to make their situation public in the hope of recovering the baby boy. They say they are perfectly happy together. The man claims, according to El Mundo, that the relation started “as it always does – by getting on, with hugs, flirts, kisses….”

“We don’t care what people think” the daughter adds. “If we did we would have aborted.”

The kid is expected to be handed over to the paternal grandparents, who are estranged from their son.

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