Turre agrees to develop a new avenue plan

Turre council and the Junta de Andalucia will shortly sign a new agreement to develop a new avenue plan for the town.

The Junta says that it has agreed to finance the cost of developing the new plan which will take into account the AL150, AL151 and AL152 – in essence, the main road from Los Gallardos to Mojacar where it passes through the village, the new bridge which goes to the LG – Garrucha road and the old bridge (which is falling down).

The Junta has promised to develop the plan, and Turre will allow the Junta onto its land to carry out the plan. The agreement has been reached verbally and it will be officially signed early next month according to the Junta de Andalucia.

There is a tenuous agreement that the cost will be split 60-40%, with the Junta paying 60%. However, Turre expects to receive money from the provincial council, which has promised up to 700.000 euros this year, towards the project.

The roads in question belong to the council, but of course it can’t afford to carry out the redevelopment of them.

I assume that the old plan, which proposed enormous palm trees, centralised urban infrastructure and an avenue that would have put Almeria city’s to shame, has been shredded, and good riddance to it – it cost, off the top of my head, upwards of 7 million euros.

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  1. In the absence of enough buses, let’s hope they put in a pavement to Mojacar that is wide enough to cycle on.

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