Carboneras Mayor in trouble for being a sexist pig

The Mayor of Carboneras is in trouble after being rather sexist during the last plenary meeting, and the opposition are demanding he quits.

The trouble started during a heated argument over something or other during the meeting. One of the PSOE (female) councillors butted in, causing Mayor Salvador (GICAR) to roar back at her “[all] be quiet and respectful when a man is talking”.

The Mayor has rebutted saying that he spoke in the plural (cállense) and was talking in general to all the opposition, not just the female councillor. He added that he meant “this man” rather than “any man in general”, ie, him.

“I meant for people to be quiet with the respect due to a Mayor when he is talking” clarified Mayor Salvador Hernandez.

Still from the official plenary video released by the PSOE

Later: I erroneously put that Mayor Salvador was from the PP party. He is of course from independent local grouping GICAR. Apologies.

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