Measures to protect house purchasers in good faith become part of Spain’s national election campaign

From the AUAN:
As the political parties finalize their election manifestos in the run up to the Spanish National Elections on 20th December, the homeowners campaign group AUAN welcomes the news that the Socialist Party (PSOE) has made a commitment to deliver more solutions to protect purchasers in good faith so that they can rely on the accuracy of the information recorded at the Land Registry when making the biggest investment of their lives – buying a home.  
The association wants it to be made mandatory for the Land Registry to update its records when planning permission for a property has been revoked.
According to AUANs president, Maura Hillen, ‘It is currently possible to purchase a property with planning issues in spite of a clean bill of health from the Land Registry. This creates an environment of legal uncertainty for prospective purchasers that homebuyers and the property market in general could well do without’.
‘We are grateful that the PSOE have taken our views on board and have incorporated them  into their election manifesto and we are calling on all other political parties to do the same’ she concluded.

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