Who killed Francisco Fernandez?

A court has ordered the closure of an investigation into a brutal murder that shocked the province in 2012, after police failed to charge any suspects.

Francisco Fernandez was a 69 year old businessman from Vicar who was found tortured to death in his flat on July 10, 2012. His home had been targeted before by criminals as his business generated significant cash revenue.

Sr Fernandez was tied to a chair and tortured “with extreme violence” until he collapsed and died. Investigators suspected he was been targeted by ruthless criminals who had tried to beat the location of his money out of him.

His body was found by his son, who only managed to call emergency services before suffering a severe heart attack.

A young Moroccan man’s prints were found at the scene of the crime, but it was later discovered that he had been in jail at the time of the attack. He confessed that he had robbed the flat some months before the attack and was cleared of the murder.

Nobody else was ever charged and police have no further leads.

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