Patrick Wayne gets film award

John Wayne’s son Patrick Wayne is coming to Almeria to collect a film award. Mr Wayne has filmed three films in the province over the course of his career, and has now been given an ‘Almeria tierra de cine’ award by the XIV Almeria en Corto film festival.

Angela Molina (60), a famous Spanish actress, has also been awarded this trophy for the films she has filmed here.

The award is being given to Mr Wayne (76) forty years after he first visited Almeria to film John Wanamaker’s ‘Sinbad and the eye of the tiger’. He was also here in 1969 to star in ‘The deserter’ along with Burt Kennedy, and again in 1984 to film the western comedy ‘Rustler’s Rhapsody’ under Hugh Wilson.

Provincial culture delegate Antonio Rodriguez said he was proud that such international stars were coming to accept the awards.

The Almeria en Corto film festival is celebrated annually and is rapidly becoming an international event that helps attract new productions to this area.

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