Councils organise memorials for the terrorist attacks

Councils across the province have spontaneously organised memorials for those killed in the Paris terrorist attack last week. However, suggestions that the memorials should be expanded to cover those killed in other terrorist attacks such as the forty three who died in Beirut last Thursday have fallen on deaf ears.

Dozens of people congregated at the townhall in Albox on Sunday to hear Mayor Rogelio send the support of the town to the French capital. A minute’s silence was then held.

The provincial council cancelled a series of events due to be held in Adra on Sunday in honour of the “Day of the Province” and instead held a 45 minute commemoration in honour of the Paris victims. The provincial honorary consul of France accepted the condolences of the provincial president.

The Mayor of Adra said he was proud that his city had been the location from which the province sent its love and affection to France.

The regional government ordered a minute’s silence to be held at 12 midday in all government offices across Andalusia to remember the victims of the Paris attacks. Senior politicians congregated at the offices of the government delegate in Almeria city for the ceremony. In all, five different congregations were held separately across the province, three by different administrations, one by the unions and a fifth at the University of Almeria.

The “mess of congregations” has caused criticism, as the different organisers rejected joining into one large demonstration and instead insisted upon carrying out individual remembrances.

Provincial council president Gabriel Amat said such terrorist actions were horrific, especially when carried out in a host country that had welcomed refugees “with open arms” and reminded his countrymen that not so long ago France been the land of opportunities for Spaniards.

Smaller towns also organised impromptu silences.

Meanwhile, the police have launched an internet campaign asking citizens not to mindlessly send on internet rumours about attacks on Spanish soil. Since the Paris attacks, various rumours suggesting bombs had been let off in Almeria, Granada, Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona have all had to be quashed by the authorities.

The National Police asked online that social media users “consider the source” before sending such material on, and if it’s not from an official source, to investigate further before hitting the “share” button.

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