News in brief

RAILWAY COMPENSATION The PSOE party in Almeria have officially asked the central government if it will pay compensation to Almeria for the delays in the construction of the high speed AVE railway. Party leader Jose Sanchez said that the central government should underwrite national air fares to Almeria airport to compensate travellers for the inconvenience of not having a true rail connection to the rest of the country. He accused the government of “taking the Continue reading News in brief

Patrick Wayne gets film award

John Wayne’s son Patrick Wayne is coming to Almeria to collect a film award. Mr Wayne has filmed three films in the province over the course of his career, and has now been given an ‘Almeria tierra de cine’ award by the XIV Almeria en Corto film festival. Angela Molina (60), a famous Spanish actress, has also been awarded this trophy for the films she has filmed here. The award is being given to Mr Continue reading Patrick Wayne gets film award

Who killed Francisco Fernandez?

A court has ordered the closure of an investigation into a brutal murder that shocked the province in 2012, after police failed to charge any suspects. Francisco Fernandez was a 69 year old businessman from Vicar who was found tortured to death in his flat on July 10, 2012. His home had been targeted before by criminals as his business generated significant cash revenue. Sr Fernandez was tied to a chair and tortured “with extreme Continue reading Who killed Francisco Fernandez?

Calls for local mobility scooter regulations

There are suggestions that local councils should consider regulating the use of mobility scooters after an apparent increase of the number of people using them on the public road. Benidorm council recently had to regulate their use and other tourism centres are studying their example. Such vehicles are not regulated under Spanish traffic law. Insurance is not required for mobility scooters, and no vehicle tax is applied. Local police across the Levante have been surprised Continue reading Calls for local mobility scooter regulations

Councils organise memorials for the terrorist attacks

Councils across the province have spontaneously organised memorials for those killed in the Paris terrorist attack last week. However, suggestions that the memorials should be expanded to cover those killed in other terrorist attacks such as the forty three who died in Beirut last Thursday have fallen on deaf ears. Dozens of people congregated at the townhall in Albox on Sunday to hear Mayor Rogelio send the support of the town to the French capital. Continue reading Councils organise memorials for the terrorist attacks