Mojacar art exhibition

From the council:

The exhibition of paintings by Teresa Nájera will be inaugurated next Sunday,

November 15, at 12 noon at the Mojácar Centro de Arte. Visitors will be able to enjoy

the thirty oil paintings and watercolours by the famous painter, Teresa Nájera, up to the

30th of this month.

The artist, who was born in Logroño in the La Rioja region, is a great admirer of

Mojácar and a lover of painting. She studied applied arts in La Rioja and has

participated in numerous courses in painting and visual arts, exhibiting her works

throughout the Spain since 2011.

This exhibition presents a compendium of her work, showing a summary of her

vision of a reality that is evolving. She depicts a personal vision of society as a domain

of the naked human figure and movement.

She is totally committed to art and the world in which it lives and, with women

and their role in society. She has participated in important exhibitions in which she has

tried to indicate, in an artistic format, the discrimination against women in the art world.

This reality can be demonstrated in figures, due to the fact that while 64 percent

of ‘plastic’ 3D  art students are women, only 14 percent have access to art related jobs

in galleries or museums.

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