Movistar fusion class action suit

Movistar is currently the target of a class action suit by Spanish consumer organisations after a rather nasty marketing error.

See, Movistar launched a new combined phone / adsl / whatever package called Fusion a few years, with the fanfare of it being one low price for ever.

So when they went and jacked up the price last year, people complained – quite correctly – that they’d been signed up on the promise of the price being the same for ever.

Movistar responded by saying that para siempre could be interpreted as until the end of the marketing period, as the other definition of “infinity” was obviously inapplicable to human lifespans.

Anyway, a Judge has now accepted a class action suit. Movistar now faces the prospect of having to reinstate the original price and refund all additional costs to its millions of users, as well as paying compensation to users who decided to leave Movistar after the price rise.

So far 4.186 people have joined FACUA’s class action suit. If you’re a fusion user, feel free to join them. You may be eligible for compensation.

Movistar, by the way, has counterattacked by denying FACUA the use of any of its trademarks. In theory, that would mean they can’t even mention Movistar in their articles. The consumer organisation finds the threat “laughable”.

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