Casa Siret squatter clears out

The Casa Siret is an ancient and beautiful cortijo near Las Herrerías, Cuevas del Almanzora. It’s main claim to fame is that it was the residence of Luis Siret, the famous engineer turned amateur archaeologist who discovered the local Bronze Age El Argar civilisation at the turn of the last century. It now belongs to Cuevas town. In 2004, Cuevas council and Dicomano council (in Italy) signed an agreement to setup an art school using Continue reading Casa Siret squatter clears out

Strange staffing at Turre medical centre

The receptionist at the Turre medical centre is off for a couple of months, and so a substitute must be found. This happens to be the responsibility of the council. So Mayor Martin was somewhat surprised to discover – after a plenary meeting in which the subject wasn’t raised – that instead of normal procedures being followed, the name of the ex-Mayor of Turre Jose Navarro had been put forward as a “done deal”. In Continue reading Strange staffing at Turre medical centre

Local girl becomes Japanese star

Maria Lopez is a fifteen year old girl from Almeria who is rapidly becoming a Japanese pop star under the stage name Yami Tabby. She has just released her first Japanese pop album which is rapidly rising up through the charts. Yami says she has always been fascinated by Japanese culture and started learning the language at the age of seven so she could watch Japanese cartoons. She became so proficient at the language that Continue reading Local girl becomes Japanese star