Palomares mass killer found guilty

Remember the chap who lost it back in 2011, took a gun to the main square of Palomares and killed three members of gypsy family who were extorting him?

Juan Antonio Z.G. was originally found not guilty by jury of the three murders. But the public prosecutor appealed against the verdict and won, meaning the trial was reheard. The desired judgement has now been found.

Juan was attacked by the father of the clan the day before he killed him, his wife and his son. They attacked him outside the local petrol station, biting part of his nose off and left him with severe traumas. The next day he went hunting for them with his gun, and shot them whilst they were sitting in the main square of the town.

Anyway, the jury today decided he was guilty of homicide. The jury agreed that it was not murder as he was suffering from extreme shock – temporary insanity, basically.

He’s looking at eight years inside.

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