Can we finally kill off the Walt Disney born in Mojacar myth?

I’ve been researching the beginnings of the Walt Disney was born in Mojacar myth for my column in the Costa Almeria News.

It’s one of the great stories of Mojacar, that Walt Disney was the illegitimate son of a Mojaquero and a washerwoman. It has many variations, but the basic story is this:

The woman, Isabel Zamora, fled local opprobation with her baby to live with family in Chicago, USA. Jose Guirao Zamora, as the young boy was baptised, was adopted by a childless American couple named Disney who renamed him Walter, and he grew up to become one of the most famous entertainment moguls of the 20th century.

But, what’s the real scoop on the story? Hidden in myths and propaganda, with each successive generation adding a new layer of frosting, this particular little fable has grown to a cake of massive proportions.

Anyway, hopefully the arguments I present in the article will kill off this myth. Pick up a copy of this weeks Costa Almeria News (edition 530) to read it!

And maybe the Mojacar PSOE will stop trying to pin their economic policy on their Walt Disney museum…. which is only going to get them sued 😉

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  1. I assure you that Walt Disney being born in Mojacar is a true story that my grand-mother, a woman from Mojacar, told me 56 years ago.
    Anyone doubting this fact, should visit Mojacar, speak to the old locals and read a book about that true story (certainly not a legend) which is kept at the Town Hall.
    Why doubt that fact, when so many people have testified of its veracity.
    Isabel, grand-daughter of Isabel Morales Ridau born in Mojacar in 1898.

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