Tortoise sanctuary plans dropped for a second time

The planned tortoise sanctuary in Cuevas del Alamanzora has again been put on hold.

The national government had planned to expropriate 500 ha of land which would have closed farms, a campsite, two quarries and eleven homes. The plans were dropped earlier this year in favour of a new plan slightly off to the right.

This plan has now been dropped after more complaints. A third plan is being mooted to put the sanctuary over in the hills of La Capellanía, which is partly protected LIC land and this won’t disturb anyone. So instead of expanding the protected land, they’ve going to just doubly protect the same land.

The tortoises, however, continue to merrily walk along the unused AVE line as before.

2 Replies to “Tortoise sanctuary plans dropped for a second time”

  1. There is a purpose built Tortoise house in Bedar funded by EU money. The surrounding area is a natural haven for them.

  2. I found an upside down young tortoise when walking to The Crossroads, over the scrub land, (from Mojacar Playa). I picked him up, And he/she gave a violent ‘hiss’! Knowing he/she was sort of OK. I put ‘it’ on a quieter part of the beaten path.
    I love animals.
    I also called a goat herder back, when one of his heard gave birth. All I knew then was, ” Senior, el bambino”! He promptly went back; put el bambino under his trouser belt, and carried on. Same area.

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