First jailed for animal cruelty

Some b*stard in Palma beat his horse to death after he lost a horse race in Manacor, Palma de Mallorca. And a Judge has ruled he must now serve his eight months in jail.

He’s the first person ever to serve jail time for animal cruelty in Spain.

Sorky the horse lost a 2012 race, and shortly afterwards the man whipped it to death in the stables at the racecourse. A horrified vet denounced him to the police and he was arrested.

Justice Wound Its Way and eventually the man was sentenced to eight months jail. No problem, as normally this is suspended in Spain.

But the Judge, an evident animal lover, ruled that the man had acted out of pure fury and that his act was a “case of evil and an aberration in the 21st century” and ordered him into clink, denying him a suspended sentence or community service.

The bloke can still appeal, but must remain in jail whilst the appeal is being heard.

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