Motorway to Malaga is now open, and airport is now viable!

Stuff all the nonsense about whether Corvera will ever open, we now have the two largest airports in southern Spain at roughly the same distance from us.

The new motorway to Malaga is fully open, and from here to Malaga will take roughly 2 hours 30 minutes. Malaga is now 110 minutes from Almeria city, add the 45 minutes it takes to get there and another 10 mins to get to the airport

Flights from Malaga, I notice, are half the price they are from Alicante and the options are much better. Just booked a flight for three to Birmingham in December for 150€!

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  1. We used the motorway on 14th October 2015 from Malaga Airport. What a difference. The latest section to open is spectacular, high in the mountain, and a sheer drop on the South side. I would say the 2 hours 30 mins is not achievable as the first 60 miles is not so fast most of this section is 80 to 100 kph. However still worthwhile.

  2. Just booked car hire for Christmas at 1.37 euros per day for a 5 door Fiesta! Fair bit cheaper than Alicante and Almeria airports.

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