Police prevent satanic attack in Almeria city

A woman’s life was apparently saved last Thursday after a quick thinking pair of local police officers in Almeria city rescued her from what appears to have been a “satanic ritual”.

The 44 year old Uruguayan woman had replied to a job advert, meeting a 43 year man from Madrid in a local bar at six pm. He had discussed the job with her, and then invited her back to his “office” to meet his business parter, a 37 year old man from Granada. The office, in a block of flats in Quesada street in the El Zapillo section of the city, was actually an empty apartment.

As the woman entered, both men pounced on her and forcibly tied her up, before showing her sheets of paper with writing on that she did not understand and “chanting” over her.

However, neighbours had heard her screams and alerted emergency services. A local police patrol rushed to the scene but nobody answered the door. The officers could hear muffled sounds and the volume of a TV inside the apartment was suddenly turned up.

A neighbour opened his door and warned the officers that somebody was trying to escape out over the balcony. The officers rushed to the neighbours balcony where they saw one of the alleged aggressors. The man refused to cooperate with police and went back inside.

As the officers could still hear muffled screams coming from the apartment they jumped the empty space between the balcony’s before breaking into the apartment.

There they saw a man with a bloodied knife holding the tied up and gagged woman on the floor. The officers wrestled the attacker to the ground, and opened the front door to allow reinforcements into the flat.

Both men were arrested and have been remanded without bail. The woman had received numerous slashed from the knife, including one to the throat, but was otherwise without physical harm.

Police recovered drawings of “satanic imagery”, including drawings of skulls, along with “apocalyptic texts”, and say the woman appears to have been the subject of some sort of “ritual attack”.

The Mayor of Almeria issued on Friday a commendation to the two local police officers for their “quick thinking and bravery”.

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