Mojacar illegal payments case dropped by Judge

The Judge investigating complaints of abuse of power in Mojacar council regarding the attempt to pay an irregular Christmas bonus to town workers in 2014 has decided to drop the case.

The case was launched by opposition councillors, especially Jessica Simpson from Somos Mojacar, after Mayor Rosa Maria decided to pay all town workers a Christmas bonus averaging one months wages, despite having received a report from her legal advisers warning such a payment was against regional rules.

The complaint was escalated to a Judge after it was discovered that the county council considered that the payment was “against regional laws”.


However, the Judge has cancelled the complaint. In his ruling, the magistrate of Court number 3 of Vera ruled that “we do not consider any administrative infraction has been committed, [..] this is not a penal matter as it appears at first sight that this is an administrative matter that does not egregiously exceed simple administrative decisions. [..] Simply because this is an administrative irregularity this does not mean that this is a penal matter, it is not unjust or arbitrary and thus does not consider this court”.

In short, without going into matters, the Judge agrees that the payments were not in accordance with the law, but saw no penal cause behind the motives in awarding them.

To date, the payments have not been made, after the county council warned Mojacar not to make them.

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