Get ready to party or book a hotel out of town, the Turre fiesta is here

And this year it’s going on until 6,30 am! All restrictions on music from businesses have been lifted over the weekend, meaning the music will be rocking all weekend as the plug doesn’t have to be pulled until 6.30 am. Carry on drinking for another 30 minutes and the bars will be opening again for breakfast…


The PSOE side of the coalition have organised a whopping fiesta (with an associated cost, but hey, it’s fiesta time, right?  Although the bills may cause the hangovers to get even worse). Although I note it was Maria Luisa from the Somos Turre side of the coalition who got in the professional fiesta organisers and music group whose lorries are parked at the entrance of town at the moment, a bright move which outsourced that side of the event bringing down costs and improving the music quality a bit.

So kick back and enjoy Turre fiesta, starting tomorrow.

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