Tiger mosquito reaches Almeria

The dreaded tiger mosquito is alive and appears to be breeding in Almeria province.

This south-east Asian mosquito has a characteristic white stripe along its head and thorax. It’s extremely nasty and attacks during the day, unlike the native types.

I wrote an interesting article for the Costa Almeria News this week looking into the problem and asking some of the local councils what they’re planning to do, so pick up a copy for more information.

An example of a tiger mosquito

Councils have been wrong footed by the early start to the mosquito season which now require an extraordinary budget outlay. The area is usually sprayed by a specialised pest control company using a helicopter.

A natural biological agent called “bacillus thurigiensis” which only attacks mosquito larvae is used. A substrain of this bacterium is especially active against inserts of the order Diptera (flies and mosquitoes), and it is this natural bacterium that is used to control their larvae.

The tiger mosquito is well established all the way along the east coast of Spain down to Murcia and now seems to have reached Mojacar – it was present before, but not as a breeding population.

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  1. Vera Playa is infestated with these pests as there is stagnaent water allowed to remain where they obviously can breed in large numbers.Nobody seems to do anything about it.

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