USA ready to take radioactive Palomares topsoil

The USA has agreed to take radioactive Palomares topsoil out of the province and transport it back to Nevada, to a storage facility just outside of Las Vegas.

The US Energy Dept sent the Spanish Nuclear Commission a cleanup plan back in July which the Spanish are prepared to accept to finally put an end to the problem, according to a leaked report.

The radioactive material comes from an incident 50 years ago next January when a US bomber carrying nuclear weapons crashed near Palomares, with the nuclear weapons breaking open and spilling their contents everywhere.

Although the US did take a large amount of soil away back then, negotiations stalled for the next 5 decades until just now. The Spanish reckon half a kilo of weapons grade plutonium is still dispersed across 50.000 square metres of land, enough soil to fill 30 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Minister Fraga goes swimming somewhere not too close to Palomares to show how safe it was, back in 17/01/66

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