Rajoy loses it on national radio and is rather publicly humiliated

There’s a reason PM Rajoy doesn’t do more interviews – he’s crap at them.

He went on Onda Cero’s “Más de Uno” national radio show today to talk about this weeks Catalan elections, which the nationalist parties are turning into a referendum. Rajoy told presenter Carlos Alsina that “if the nationalists win, everyone in Catalonia will lose their Spanish and European nationalities”.

No they won’t, said Carlos.

And why not? Asked Rajoy in a puzzled tone of voice.

Because, as the presenter pointed out,  if you’re born in Spain to Spanish parents, the Constitution prevents your nationality from being taken away from you.

To which Rajoy could only ask in a tone of voice that was becoming even more anxious… “and their European identity?”

“They stay European because they are Spanish nationals” replied Carlos.

Rajoy muttered something about going off track and changed the subject.

After having made sure that another sizeable block of Catalans back independence this Sunday.


Here’s the audio clip:


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