No live music even with a permit in Mojacar

You can’t even have live music in Mojacar with a permit it seems, after reports reach me today of an live music incident in Scottie’s Bar in Mojacar.

Scottie’s is a nice little bar restaurant in a square off the main paseo along Mojacar beach front. It seems that the place had a live music license* from the council for today, and had hired a singer (his name was not vouchsafed to me) with some backing music to entertain diners.

There were about 60 people eating there and having a nice Saturday lunch in the sun out of the wind with the appropriate sort of backing live music for such a setting.

Anyway, a police patrol rolled up and told Scottie that there had been a complaint from a neighbour about the noise. The permit was investigated, the coppers had a coffee each whilst listening to the music and eventually the musician was allowed to continue, the police agreeing that the sound levels were appropriate.

20 minutes later, a second car full of locales turned up. A second complaint had been filed minutes after the first patrol car left, although the police refused to say if it was by the same person as such information is “not kept on record and is not in the public domain”. Two strikes, so music off and the musician threatened with a fine if he continued. The establishment was told its permit was revoked and no further music, even piped, could be played onto the terrace.

Which sort of killed the ambience. Everyone was very sorry for the bar owners of course, but the mood had been killed and everyone left with a sour taste in their mouth.

In short, a bar owner who follows correct procedure cannot guarantee an event with music will be held as promised in Mojacar any more, as all you need is one person to file a complaint – anonymously – twice for the whole thing to be cancelled by the Authorities. Which is the most ridiculous anti-Constitutional thing I have ever heard of. Even if you obey the (strict) rules laid down by the permit, it can be revoked in a second if you annoy just one person who has absolutely no fear of a comeback, as their identity is not verified by anyone and can keep complaining until they go blue in the face.

So now you know – if you’re planning a big event with music, don’t hold it in Mojacar unless you enjoy being on tenterhooks the whole time. Unless you’re in a venue big enough to have their own cadre of lawyers or otherwise have a hold over the council.

*according to the diner who told me of the incident.

8 Replies to “No live music even with a permit in Mojacar”

  1. This is ridiculous Mojocar is becoming a laughing stock in the tourist world how you expect business s to set up in the town chill out

  2. there is , it sems a very sensitive person living in that complex so over the years music and the sounds of zumba and weightlifting have provoked this persons wrath on many occasions .

  3. Shades of the inquisition – anonymous complaints, guilty unless proved to be innocent – well done all those that voted for Ms Cano

  4. why doesnt someone start a petition, to get the mayor out!! get press coverage! national dailys! this is rediculous, its like the dam mafia controlling everything!

  5. I don’t see my previous comment here but will repeat that it’s not particular to Mojacar nor is it the Mayor’s fault as such. There is a law forbidding noise/music to be heard outside any public bar. Nothing to do with the mayor. The law is for the whole of Andalucia (2004) and if the attention of the poilce is attracted through complaints – even anonymous ones – they are bound by law to enforce it, licence or not.
    If neighbours are disturbed by the noise they are entitled to peace and quiet – perhaps whoever reported this incident was there before music bars? I’m neither for nor against this ruling, but it’s in place toprotect people from extremes.

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  7. That don’t sound like the Mojacar I last visited. (1994). Back then, they banned ‘construction’ on the seawards side of the coast road! I seem to remember some horse stables and an abandoned beach bar tho’?
    It depends on the ‘music’; If it is traditional, should be allowed, but pleeeese; don’t spoil this pre-view of Heaven with disco…(I may have miss-spell Heaven). I once sang Karaoke in ‘the Jolly Lemon’. (Kieth Bradley owned).
    Now that shoulda’ been banned!!!
    Alan 🙂

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