Youths fined 5 grand for making noise in Mojacar

Eight 20 year old girls from Seville on holiday in Mojacar have been fined 601 euros apiece for “making excessive noise” in their rented villa on the very first day of their holiday, after they had been conned by their rental company.

They rented an apartment over the internet from a local firm and when they got here it was “so squalid” they refused to stay in it and filed a denuncia against the company that rented it out to them. They were fortunate enough to find alternate accommodation, a semi detached villa. Knackered after their bad day, they decided not to go that Friday but instead stayed in the rented villa.

At one am local police arrived telling them they were making too much noise. Nobody had complained, according to the police, but the local police patrol had heard the noise from the street and decided to fine them. No warning, no requests to keep the noise down: just a direct fine of 601 euros for everyone in the house, or 4801€ for 10 minutes work by the coppers, with no complaints filed by anyone or even an assessment of the noise being made.

The fine was thanks to the “law of silence” imposed by the local council which bans any noise or the playing of dominoes. It was also thanks to Mayor Rosi’s decision to balance the books by ordering her police to fine the hell out of the citizens.

But the girls were lucky – the fine was at the minimum end of the scale. They could have been fined up to 1500 euros each. Or if they repeat the infringement, up to 3000 euros each.

The parents of the girls have joined together to appeal in the courts. “Our daughters are good, well educated middle class university students” said one furious father to the ABC newspaper. “They weren’t even warned they were making noise, if the police had warned them they would have been quiet”. They plan to take this flagrant abuse of constitutional rights by the local council to the courts.

Making noise at 1am? Part of Spanish life, they were probably still finishing dinner.

The matter is quickly appearing in the national press – once again bringing Mojacar into humorous disrepute on a national level. ABC couldn’t even be bothered to find a good photo of the place, instead using this one:

Mojacar as it was – or as it is, according to national newspaper ABC

The local council has degraded Mojacar into a summer tourism destination for drunk youths. And now they’re killing even that.

Later: The title has been changed to reflect the fact they the young women weren’t teenagers, but all aged 20.

5 Replies to “Youths fined 5 grand for making noise in Mojacar”

  1. I’ve said it before …but nothing will get done …….the mayor is an evil piece of shit …..she needs to out of office ……she’s miserable and wants everyone to be the same………….the sooner she is gone the quicker mojacar will prosper…….can’t understand how she is still in office
    I was there last year playing in a band …and the police came in at 10pm to stop the music …….how the hell can the town survive if she keeps doing
    This …… one will want to come back and the tourism will die ………and how come she is still in office when she was fines last year for allowing friends to to extensions ……..unreal …..she’s a bitch …..a witch …..sad lonely little fuck face …..I would give very thing to talk to her …..moron

  2. The more I read about the mayoress and the policia local in Mojácar, the more I want to avoid the place. Little wonder that tourist establishments and restaurants are struggling when “guests” are harrassed in such a disgusting manner. I hope that these ladies win in the courts, after 10 years or so of Spanish justice they might get their cash back – it takes an instant to unjustly fine people, but years to address anything in the courts!

  3. I would like to know how come the Hotel Indalo at the end of Mojacar strip can get away with the horrendous noise coming from their pool antics. There is a very loud speaker with either music or someone shouting things for almost half the day, and whilst sitting quietly on the beach (not drinking beer), the noise is deafening.

  4. Whilst I understand that the mayor and council don’t want Mojacar to turn into another Benidorm – as a resident I applaud this…………………… but the excessive fining and ad hoc way the new laws are applied makes a mockery of justice. Surely a warning should be the first step in enforcing the “law of silence”. I hope the young ladies are successful in their appeal.

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