Partido Andalucista party throws in the towel and dissolves

The only nationalist political party in Andalucia, the PA (Partido Andalucista) has voted to dissolve itself after its disastrous showings in the last regional elections.

At its annual congress held yesterday in Torremolinos, the PA voted, with 243 votes in favour to 57 against and 10 abstentions to throw in the towel.

The last word came from its founder, Alejandro Rojas-Marcos who ended his party’s 40 year history with the words “the PA is no more but andalucismo will not die”.

The PA had a long and winding history which you can read about on Wikipedia.They were most famous for managing to get two seats in the Catalonian parliament in the 1980 election – 71.841 andaluzes living in Barcelona obviously felt the need to vote for the sevillanos.

They used to be strong, but they eventually were conned into joining the PSOE in coalition in 1996, and came out of coalition a spent force. Although they had strong municipal and national showing in 2000, they didn’t get back into the regional parliament and afterwards the party quietly imploded. They haven’t had a single MP in the regional parliament since 2004. They do, however, still have 314 councillors in towns across Andalucia who can carry on flying the flag until the next elections, at which point they have to look for a new party to join.

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