Pro-Independence parties could win at the Catalan elections

Thus ensuring all hell breaks loose.

The coalition of pro-independence parties Junts pel Sí looks set to become the biggest party after the 27 Sep votes in Catalunya, which are being touted as an unofficial referendum on the future of the region. Throw in the projected 8 seats that are going to the other pro-indep party CUP and they have enough seats for an absolute majority.

President Mas of Catalunya, who now looks set to be returned again, has said that if he gets an absolute majority the region could be independent within 18 months.

The second biggest party according to the CIS survey will be Cuidadanos (C’s) which could get up to 20 seats. They’re anti – independence. Followed by Catalunya Si que es Pot, the local branch of Podemos, with 18-19 seats.

The local branch of the PSOE party looks set to get 16-17 seats, more than they currently have but far fewer than the 20 they had two terms ago, or the 30 seats they used to enjoy.

The PP will get 12-13 seats, down from the current 15 seats.

Results of the latest CIS survey

The CIS survey is considered to be one of the biggest surveys.

Meanwhile, there has been a bizarre exchange of insults between the leaders of Podemos and the PSOE. Somebody had accused Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) of being sex mad and obsessed with President Más, which prompted Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) to tell supporters at a recent ralley “we’re going to give Sánchez the sex he desires, we’re going to whip him good with this campaign”.

Prompting Sánchez to retort the next day that “I’m quite fond of sex, but I don’t need to borrow Iglesia’s whip to enjoy it”.


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