Not too much damage from last nights rain

The heavy rain we got shortly after midnight last night didn’t do too much damage. It mainly hit Mojacar, Garrucha and Vera. Petter Finne reckons he got over four inches of rain in his back garden, an estimate he admits is “rule of thumb”, ie, he put his thumb in a flowerpot that had filled up.

In Mojacar, two homes were flooded, three cars collapsed into a sinkhole in Macenas, another one in front of the Marina Playa hotels and there were some small rock falls that were being cleaned up this morning.

Car in sink hole outside Vera Playa hotel this morning

Vera confirms that a few streets were flooded in Puerto Rey and la Rotonda de la Costa, but that drainage teams were onsite this morning cleaning it all up and no damage has been reported. The town had activated a flood emergency protocol overnight.

And since Garrucha is on a steep slope, all of its streets are now nice and clean, although the sea has a bit more rubbish in it.

No injuries or emergency call outs were reported overnight.

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  1. Well, not quite my thumb, David! It was a precision, Chinese-made tape measure that cost an entire euro! It was also an oblong flower pot from a different Chinese shop. My actual precision gauge ran out of capacity at 85 litres!
    I’d like to get the official numbers.

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