Anyone see the fireball? (Video)

There was a massive fireball over Almeria and Granada last night at around 10:15 pm. A huge rock hit the upper atmosphere at around 74.000 kph and became a huge fireball which was visible to the north. It hit the planets atmosphere some 91km above Senes and finally blew up 51km high above the Negratín dam. Scientists don’t think any fragments reached the earth. Here’s a video:

Dead sea turtle appears on Vera Playa

A large sea turtle has been found dead on Vera beach, just outside Garrucha. It was some 70 cm across. No news on how it died, but it probably ate too many plastic bags (they go after them in the water thinking they’re jellyfish). So if you’ve ever let a plastic bag fly away from you on the beach – YOU PROBABLY KILLED IT. Possibly. It’s recently been the breeding season for them, and the Continue reading Dead sea turtle appears on Vera Playa