Twit causes alarm and gets arrested after pretending to be carjacked

A twenty four year old Spaniard has been arrested after he claimed to have been carjacked on the road outside Almeria airport.

The man told police that whilst driving there another car blocked his way, forcing him to pull over, and two men jumped out to rob him. He claimed to have lost 200 euros in cash as well as his mobile phone.

However, police detectives quickly realised that nothing in his story made sense. Checking up on the man on social network networks, they noticed that he was causing “significant social alarm” by his constant reposting of the attack.

The alleged victim was soliciting everyone he knew online to search for his attackers and was obviously enjoying the attention and sympathy he was receiving.

Police have now arrested the man for filing a fake police report and wasting police time, a crime under article 457 of the penal code. So far this year 8 people have been arrested under this article and a further 48 charged.

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